We are an internationally compliant, 18-hole Scotch links golf course. "In Vilke you will not only relax and enjoy the game you love, but also be surrounded by nature of incredible beauty.

We are grateful to nature for its unique natural obstacles and sand bunkers that will require golf professionals to demonstrate all of their accumulated experience and skill. The Scottish-style "Vilkės" golf course covers an area of 65 hectares, and the playing distance exceeds 10 km - arguably one of the most challenging golf courses not only in Lithuania but in the entire region.

According to the design conceived by the Swedish architect Johan Benestam and American designer Robert Pedigo, the golf course project preserves the natural landscape of Dzūkija: one part of the course is surrounded by a pine forest, while the other is open, and in the middle flows the "Vilkės" river, after which the course is named. Meanwhile, the course itself is bordered by the nature reserve of "Vilko" Lake. The exceptional views will provide additional pleasure for both experienced players and beginners.

Although we have an advanced golf course, we also welcome newcomers. In the practice area of the "Vilkė" Golf Club, professional golf trainers work, helping beginner golfers acquire basic knowledge and learn to play golf, while also assisting experienced players in improving their skills. Additionally, even the youngest golf enthusiasts will enjoy "Vilkė" as there is a children's golf school operating on the course in Druskininkai. The "Vilkė" golf course is a unique complex for the whole family.

The golf course is located in a convenient place for leisure seekers, very close to Druskininkai.

You will find us in the village of Kamorūnai near Leipalingis, 19 kilometers from Druskininkai.

See you at the Wolf golf club!