If you want to try golf but also learn how to play, we offer green card courses at the Wolf Golf Club.
Green card - is a document that allows the holder to play on golf courses (all in Lithuania and abroad - worldwide). It should be noted that this card is valid for life. Without this card, play is limited to practice areas. This document confirms that the holder has completed a golf lesson course and has knowledge and understanding of golf rules and etiquette,
and the level of play meets the requirements.
During the course you will: learn the technical elements of the different types of shots; get acquainted with the golf equipment, the course of play, the rules and the etiquette; play on the course.
Green card courses are taught by one of the first professional golf coaches in Lithuania. The information below will help you to answer all your questions and prepare for the Green Card Course.

Place and time
Address: Wolf Golf Course, Vilkės g. 26, Kamorūnai km., Leipalingis sen., Druskininkai municipality.
Date: The service runs from April to October.

Green Card course plan
First visit, 2 lessons (1.5-2 hours):
• Lesson I - golf equipment; distance stroke (full amplitude stroke);
• Lesson II - Rolling.
Second visit, 2 lessons (1.5-2 hours):
• Lesson III - long jump;
• Lesson IV - short low kick.
Third visit, 2 lessons (1.5-2 hours):
• Lesson V - short high kick;
• Lesson VI - kick from a sand obstacle.
Fourth visit, 2 lessons (1.5-2 hours):
• Lesson VII-VIII - Playing on the course and introduction to the game, rules and

Remark: the number of visits may be reduced at the request of the course participant(s),
by increasing the number of lessons on subsequent visits.

Decided to start a Green Card course - book the right first visit for you
Call or email:
- Telephone (mobile): +370 613 46179
- E-mail:

Clothing and equipment
• Leisure clothing and comfortable, flat-soled footwear are recommended.
• All necessary equipment is provided.

Price list

Green Card course duration Number of participants Price per person
6 hours. 1 250 EUR
8 hours. 2 210 EUR
8 hours. 3 190 EUR
8 hours. 4 and more 170 EUR

For those who have kept their green card, there is a gift waiting for you at Wolf Golf Club - play one
month after the green card test, 9 rounds of 9-hole golf for free!!!

If you have any questions, please write email or call for us!
Yours sincerely,
Wolf Golf Club
Professional golf coach
Marius Zienius
+370 613 46179

You can download information about the green card course at the Wolf Golf Club course here